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Here are some testimonials from our clients:

left quotation markWhere to begin?! Selene is an amazing individual. She was calm, patient, thorough, and understood my concerns as a bride getting married during a pandemic! This amazing individual was given my dress back in December and due to the pandemic had to shut down until around June! Any bride would freak out right?! She reassured me multiple times that she would still get the dress done multiple times and told me to stay calm and guess what? She made it happen the week before I was set to leave the country for my wedding around June when she was given permission to open back up! The dress was everything I could imagine and Selene did the impossible by adding special pieces to cover up the side-boob and made it look as if the dress had been bought that way! Thank you so much for your kind word Selene, you are amazing!right quotation mark
Posted By: Lina N. - Queens NY
left quotation markSelene did a beautiful job altering my dress! The back of my dress was originally translucent, and I wanted lace appliqué put on it to cover a tattoo that I have on my back. She did an incredible job building a beautiful backing to my dress. The dress fit like a dream due to her careful attention to detail. Thank you Selene for your amazing work!right quotation mark
Posted By: Emily G.
From Yelp
left quotation markI highly recommend Selene Alterations to any Manhattan bride! The owner, Vicky, is such a sweetie and is so talented. She turned my extremely ill-fitted off-the-rack dress into a bridal gown that looked entirely made for me.

Selene was only the second place I went in for an initial consultation and I instantly knew it was the better choice. Vicky gives a fair price and doesn't try to rack up the cost by itemizing unnecessary areas of alterations. She was also super communicative with her plan of attack and made sure the dress still felt comfortable for me with every proposed change during our initial consultation and two follow-up fittings.

In response to an earlier review - when Vicky first hemmed the bottom of my dress, she also lightly stitched the length 2 inches shorter than necessary. This was 100% fine because it was easy for her to let the stitches out (no fabric is ever cut) and the final hemming was PERFECT. To future clients, remember that the alteration process is indeed a process and just trust the professionals!

I loved the final product and felt beautiful AND comfortable on my wedding day, all thanks to Selene Alteration!
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Posted By: Ivy Z.
From Yelp
left quotation markLong story short, I bought my wedding dress online, and it was the last dress and closest to my actual size. I found Selene Bridal Alterations, and I'm telling you Selene knows what to do right away. She got my dress size down, and it fits me like a glove. If you want to look your best on your wedding day, definitely come here!right quotation mark
Posted By: Hnin A.
From Yelp
left quotation markSelene was an absolute angel! I went to visit her back in October when my wedding was scheduled for September 2020. Welp covid happened and I had to call Selene with my NEW wedding date that was only two weeks after the shop reopened. I asked her if she would be able to have it done and she assured me she would. I didn't have high expectations, I've heard so many horror stories especially when it comes to last minute planning but she did! She had my dress completely finished and it was more gored than I could have imagined. I am so happy I found Selene, she was communicative, professional and just the sweetest. I had a meltdown during my last fitting and almost fainted and Selene was patient. She even grabbed a magazine and fanned me to cool down. I was terrified and she was so calm and understanding. Thank you Selene for making my wedding dress absolutely perfect!right quotation mark
Posted By: Rayven M. New York, NY
left quotation markMy review is super positive and I loved my experience at Selene's. The service and professionalism was fantastic.

I called to get a price quote in late September for my destination wedding on November 30th. I was asked to come in first with the dress and was accommodated for an appointment a day or two later. Totally reasonable policy and very quick scheduling.

When I arrived, it seemed like Vicki was waiting for me to arrive so I felt the attention was there. My dress is a size 12, but needed to be taken in around the chest, waist, and bustled. Vicki very kindly suggested that maybe the straps be shortened and the area around my hips be let out to ensure it was perfect (she also agreed to check first if there was any material to let it out). I agreed to it. Again, her suggestions and price seemed totally reasonable. She didn't push me and was really kind the whole time. Honestly, I think the price would have been similar anywhere else, I just really liked her energy and the fact that she and I were on the same page.

At my first appointment, we scheduled two more fittings plus the pick up date within the next six weeks. She expressed wanting to have the dress ready at least ten days before I traveled just in case. I hadn't even thought about the timing so I liked that she made this suggestion and it made me feel way more at ease.

The second appointment (first fitting) went well. She made minor changes and asked that I examine the dress closely. Then she proceeded to explain what her next steps were going to be. Again, I appreciated her transparency and calmness. The third appointment (second fitting) was probably the one with the most change and I really liked how it was coming together. The alterations around the chest where perfect (there was plenty to take in from the sides), as where the hips, and length. She immediately noticed the straps needed more and she got to pinning. She asked how I felt about the additional alterations and I agreed.

For my final appointment and pick up I brought my mother in law. Vicki encouraged me to bring someone and I'm glad I did. It was super special to share that moment with her. Vicki had me walk, dance, wave, sit, stand, (all of the things), with my dress on to ensure it was perfect. Again, the level of transparency and experience was evident. I felt like she was using any and all scenarios to help me which I thought was super kind.

I had a wonderful experience at Seline's. Everything was exactly as Vicki laid out for us. There were no surprises, she was punctual with the completion of the dress, my appointments were efficient and fruitful (no double booking), and she was genuinely really great to work with. I loved that it was woman owned and that she's been in the industry and neighborhood for as long as she has. I strongly recommend working with Seline's for your dress needs!
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Posted By: Jennifer G.
From Yelp
left quotation markSelene, Selene, Selene. What would I do without you?

My sister got her dress altered by Selene last year for her destination wedding, and she couldn't stop singing her praises. I remember my sister's dress looked great and I asked her where she got it altered and she recommended Selene; this was last April. Lo and behold (and quite out of the blue) I got engaged in August, and one of the first things I bought was my dress. The place where I got my dress actually had pretty bad reviews regarding their alterations department, so without wanting to take that chance I called Selene right up. From the very beginning she was so sweet and accommodating, and I was confident that I was in good hands each time I went for a fitting. Selene knew exactly where my dress needed some work, and always did everything with a smile on her face.

I received a lot of compliments on my dress, and despite the many take-ins it needed, Selene made it work and I was totally happy with the final outcome! Please go to Selene to have your dress altered, you will not be disappointed! She's sweet, Greek, and just plain fabulous :-)
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Posted By: Sarah A.
left quotation markSelene is AMAZING. She did a fantastic job on my wedding dress. My dress was 2 pieces (high waist skirt and corset) and she walked me through all the options of connecting it or not connecting and the bustle. I can be very indecisive and wasn't educated on bustles and wedding alterations and she was an expert in the fit and what needed to be done. She guided me through the process and was patient with me as I was nervous about making some decisions.

I was also looking for a tailor who would charge reasonable based on what the dress actually needed (not the overpriced flat rate fees from most bridal alterations in NYC). She's so friendly and pleasant to work with and did and impeccable job. I have very high standards and neurotic about things being done well and she exceeded my expectations. HIGHLY recommend. I'm already planning to go back to have her alter a dress for another wedding I'm attending.
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Posted By: Katie L.
left quotation markHad a gown hemmed that was over 6inches too long and she did a fantastic job and very timely. Overall great experience. I will be back.right quotation mark
Posted By: Melissa A.
left quotation markArmed with a heavily beaded Jenny Packham beauty, I was on the hunt for a capable seamstress to alter the gown to fit my 5'1 frame. Went to a few places before I arrived at Selene's Alteration. The price was right and they had experience with JP gowns, which was important to me. I paid $450 for hemming (inner silk sheath and outer beaded layer) as well as pulling up the outer layer from the shoulders.

Selene's did a great job, especially with the shoulders. They were able to pull it up by creating a slight flutter sleeve, which I loved. When I compare photos of the dress on me prior and post alterations, it was seriously made to fit me perfectly.

The only reason they lost a star is because I think they've actually gotten TOO popular/busy. When I picked up my dress at my 2nd fitting, they actually forgot to finish the hemming. I insisted I would wait and try on the dress again after they hemmed to be sure, and they seemed a little surprised that I would want to. The bride who had an appointment before mine actually came in and told me they forgot ALL about her dress - aka the complete alterations! They sent the poor girl to grab a bite of food while they finished it in an hour. If this is my wedding gown, I sure as heck would not want my alterations to be rush finished! I left before that bride got her gown but as I was leaving, 2-3 more brides started showing up for their appointments. Mind you, the space is pretty intimate but it felt crowded, fast!

Selene's does a great job, but perhaps they should be a little more selective with their alterations so they don't leave any brides hanging! Overall, I am happy with how my alterations panned out!
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Posted By: Valerie C.

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